A time for everything

Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God. – Karl Barth The inspiration for Sœur Odélie-Ursule-Ida-Émonde de l’Incarnation (1919 – 2020) is neither a splatter nor a stain offered up from a sidewalk, but a formation resulting from improperly sanded wood that has been painted over multiple times. This sister goose appeared to … Read more

A green turd walks into a lockerroom…

Salvation is a helmet. – Vance Havner « Moi, je ne vois que trois bites, » says my friend from his little box in the Zoom call. I am holding up Malas noticias, that week’s artwork of choice. I had seen snakes, which seemed comical enough. Dicks, though? That’s funny! Three years later, it’s my boyfriend’s turn … Read more