Room for two

All things make sense; you just have to fathom how they make sense. – Piers Anthony

L’Architecte IV, 1 (17 November 2022)

Why does a single woman moving from Brooklyn to Providence take a two-story apartment with double the amount of space she and her little beagle need? Two full bathrooms are certainly not necessary, especially for someone who would rather not have to clean even one bathroom per week. Not necessary either are the three colossal closets, one of which could easily be considered a studio apartment by New York City standards. What will she even put in these closets, anyway, this woman who has grown accustomed after a lifetime of apartment living to keeping only what is essential?

L’Architecte IV, 2 (17 November 2022)

As for the office space big enough to be a bedroom, she’ll put her cherished West Elm Mid-Century desk in there because it will be logical to do so, but she knows very well that she’ll rarely ever work in there. For starters, she has always preferred working at the kitchen table. It will be no different here in this Providence apartment. Particularly here. A desk against the wall of a windowless office space tucked behind the kitchen is no competition for the table sitting at the foot of the stairs in the living space with its twenty-foot high ceilings and twelve-foot-high windows.

So, why do she take a two-story apartment with double the amount of space she and Sophie need to live comfortably?

L’Architecte IV, 4 (17 November 2022)

The pragmatic response to this question is two-fold and revolves around Sophie. First, Providence is not Brooklyn; it’s the rare rental property that allows for dogs. Second, of those rare rental properties, only the beautiful old, converted mill building on the west side of the city offers her the two non-negotiables she is looking for as a dog owner: 1) central air, and 2) a washer/dryer in the unit.

Shadow for L’Architecte IV (Providence)

The poetic response can be found in the shadow the water sprinkler piping makes on the ceiling above the staircase leading to the bedroom whose surface area is perhaps only a bit smaller than the entire living space of the apartment she left behind on Adelphi Street in Brooklyn.

See the guy with the long hair pulled into a bun at his nape and stretching his arms behind his back in front of the espresso machine she’ll give him next year for his 38th birthday? That’s Antoine. He lives a stone’s throw from her apartment building, on the other side of Donigian Park. But not for long. In ten months, it will all make sense. In ten months, what is now way too much space for one will be a perfect amount of room for two.

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  1. Full of hope and the promise of more, your “Advent” of waiting is reaching its peak, may you walk toward the Light of happiness. You are a wonderful artist and writer, and even sweeter, a most special person. ❤️


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